Founded in 2006, China Prospect Education Group(CPEG)is devoted to progressing vocational education,international education, art education, IT education and online education.

Our vision is to help people from all backgrounds to attain success and become extraordinary. Our mission is to create a Chinese education brand that willbecome an educational pioneer. By combining academic education with technical training, we strive to provide all with access to a well-roundedand high quality of education.

In the field of vocational education, CPEG founded the Beijing Fanyi University,and has begun partnering with around 20 Chinese universities all over the country with about 20,000 students.

In the field of international education, CPEG has developed our own curriculums of Business, Art, IT, Education, Nursing, Engineering, Media, etc. These curriculums have been implemented by a variety of overseas universities.CPEG has launchedfoundation programs, 2+2 and 3+1 bachelor programs, 3+1+1 and 3+2 master programswith various universities from the USA,the UK,Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Malaysia and Thailand.We enjoy good relationshipsand extensive cooperation in research with organizations such as the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and the China Scholarship Council. We also have strong relationships and extensive cooperation with many universities in more than 10 countries, including the USA, the UK, and Australia.

In the field of art education, CPEG has launched a joint project called “Star Express” with the Beijing Hongfu Group and China Radio and Television Association.

In the field of IT education, in 2014, we invested in the Yunke Education Technology Company located in National Zhongguancun Z-Park. By focusing on developing IT professionals,the project hasimplemented many information systems such as an innovation talents training system, vocational education training system, employee systems, cloud computing, mobile internet,internet marketing, and IT talented personnel training systems.Yunke Education TechnologyCompany has cooperated with National Zhongguancun Software Park and establishedNational Zhonguancun Software Park Yunke Engineering Practice Education Development Center.Nowadays,Yunke Engineering Practice Education Development Center,China University-Enterprise Collaboration InnovationAlliance, and the China Occupation Education Association havereached a strategic alliance agreement andannounced a partnership with 14 universities.

The online education is what we are currently working on creating. The goal is to combineO2O teaching models using platforms such as mobile apps, like WeChat, and the traditional PC. By having simultaneous access to educational materials in real time, we seek to improve teaching efficiency and ensure that the quality of teachingcan be guaranteed.

There are currently four industry training applications:Primary and Secondary teacher training, educational training in small and medium-sized enterprises, IT vocational education training, and the training for professional qualification certificates.

The core idea of IXUE.comis to build an outstanding learning platform that focuses on addressing customer care challenges and pressures,improving communication solutions, and providing services for customers that generate the greatest value.

With the foundation of its Xuzhou school, CPEG has also started exploring K-12 education.

CPEG has over1,400 employees and more than20,000 students on campus.CPEG’s core objectives are to provide excellent work that is dedicated to developing